Tuesday, February 2, 2016

18 Creative Calorie Burners

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. More importantly, I am not YOUR doctor. This post is here to help me answer the questions I get about how I lost all the weight I lost previously. It is not intended to replace the guidance or advice of a weight loss professional or medical advisor. Talk to your doctor before starting or changing your fitness routine, diet, or physical goals. 

18 Creative Calorie Burners

Let's face it: Doing the same old workout 
day in and day out gets boring. 

Even worse, your body can get used to it
and start adjusting so you don't burn 
as many calories after a while!

Switch it up! 

1. Trampoline park

2. Rock climbing 

3. Horseback riding 

4. Aerial dance or aerial yoga 

5. Bikram (hot) yoga 

6. Archery 

7. Fencing (sword fighting) 

8. Pole dancing 

9. Surfing (If you live inland, check to see if there's a FlowRider indoor surfing location near you!) 

10. Belly dancing, hip hop, or any other dance you've been wanting to try! Quite often, Jazzercise studios will do free week long trials. 

11. Golf (Skip the golf cart!) 

12. Swimming 

13. Martial Arts 

14. (Ice) skating 

15. Paintball 

16. Laser tag 

17. Bubble soccer or kickball 

18. Build an obstacle course (What better way to use those Resistance Bands that you've gotten sick of?) 

What's your favorite workout?

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