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Welcome to Utah!

Well, welcome to my little piece, anyway.

I’m Candace. I’m the sort of mama who gave up on perfectly mopped floors and ironed shirts many years ago. What’s life without a good dose of dog fur and dust? On the other hand, I haven't given up completely. My nail polished may be chipped, but it's there. I believe in salon haircuts and brow waxes and I have no problem splurging on a spa day... once a year.

No makeup, but waxed brows. Moderation, baby.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have a pool of friends, family, and colleagues from various volunteer opportunities (The Sundance Film Festival, The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, Special Olympics Utah...) to draw inspiration from. Adopted at the ripe old age of 3 weeks, I deeply love and appreciate the support of my Mother. You may find that she garners frequent mentions within my blog posts because we spend so much time together. Dad died in 2006 and Mom and I have been filling the gap he left by bonding and becoming that much closer.

Floor seats at Neil Diamond. Summer 2012.


My husband and I met on my 16th birthday. You’d think we’d be sick of each other by now, but we’ve rediscovered our relationship at every turn and we’ve worked to hard to be the sort of people that we want to be with. Despite the bumps in our history, we share an enviable connection.
             River Rafting. June 2012.

I am blessed with two daughters, ages 10 and 12. My eldest has Autism, but has not let it have her. She teaches me how to prioritize and not take myself too seriously. My younger daughter has a drive to be her best that teaches me how to push through my bad days. I love them both ferociously. 
                 (We're polish lovers.)

This whole blogging adventure started in 2012, when I found out I was pregnant with my miracle baby. In March 2013, we were blessed with the arrival of our son. 10 years after we thought we were done having children, our fertility journey succeeded and we welcomed him into the family. He is a force of nature that knows no limits. He reminds me that anything is possible. Anything. I cannot wait to see who he becomes!

I'm a photographer. My studio is the newly opened Ludique in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

After realizing that I have a writing style that people can relate to, I decided to keep the blog going to help tell my own stories and call attention to others. I’m excited to start reviewing products for parents who have the same questions I have. I’m happy to be sharing information on charitable opportunities all over the world.

A Few of my Favorite Things:

Video Games
International Travel
Adventurous Cuisine

My Favorite Posts: 

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  1. What beautiful love you are blessed with. Thank you for sharing you and yours with us. I met my dh back in 96 and I could'nt agree more, there's bumps and there maybe bruises but its so very worth it :)