Saturday, March 5, 2016

Potty Training Resources

Yesterday, a couple of my dear friends posted a video to Facebook. They had helped with a cosplay Avengers Potty Training video. I immediately called my 3 year old son into the room to see what he thought. He LOVED it - which means I love it because it gives me one more potty training option to rotate through.

This got me thinking, I'm about to embark on potty training my third child. I've been around this block a few times. I'll share what we've found success with. 

Disclaimer: No two children are the same. They respond differently to different approaches. Please keep in mind that if one of my suggestions isn't working for you, that's perfectly fine! Move on to the next one. Keeping a positive attitude is a big part of keeping your sanity during potty training. 

Here are some of our favorite potty training helpers: 

Even if your child isn't familiar with "Bear in the Big Blue House", I highly recommend the Potty Time with Bear DVD. It has been the most effective training DVD for our kids.

Looking for less obvious potty training helpers? I've got you. 

No need to pay for overpriced potty targets for your little boy
when you've got good old fashioned Cheerios.
Toss one in the potty and you've got a target.

Does your child get nervous about the smell of poop?
Got you covered.

The travel size is ideal for when you have 
to leave the house with your potty trainer.

As for a potty seat itself, I reviewed many options before settling on this highly rated seat that can be taken apart so the seat rests on a regular toilet.

I'll be adding on additional resources in the upcoming weeks, 
so check back often!