Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Most Gorgeous Way to Stop Human Trafficking

I adore handmade jewelry. 

I rejoice in supporting independent artists. 

Most of all, I love doing things that help bring positive change to the world. 

So of course, I really love this mala! 

I met Linda through Kickstarter in early 2012. We both had projects to support our Artist in Residency work at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. We both managed to find full funding. It was great and our friendship evolved as we shared our art with one another. 

Last year for Mother's Day, Linda was doing a project where she made teddy bears for children in devastated areas. I ordered two. She sent cards explaining the project and I gave the cards to my Mom and Mom-in-Law. It was a huge hit. 

Just before Valentine's Day, Linda introduced a new project: Malas to support an Anti-Human Trafficking Charity! From her Etsy page: 

I ordered mine with a few other items from her site. When they arrived, I couldn't help but swoon. I took the above photo the same day and within hours, I'd been asked by several people where they could purchase their own Mala. Now, I'm working on ordering two more: One for my Mom and one for my eldest daughter. Linda's goal is to raise $1000 by March 15. This is a pretty amazing goal, but I believe we can help her reach it! She's already raised $420! 

Please visit her Etsy page and share this post or link her page to your social media sites. Let's get the word out and do a little good by buying some fabulous new jewelry! Remember that this is the sort of thing that makes a wonderful gift and that Mother's Day is not as far off as we may tend to think. 


  1. I love when people create something beautiful for a wonderful cause! This is lovely!

  2. How awesome! I have actually heard of things like this before and own an African paper bead necklace I purchased for the same reasons. Lovely little bracelet!

  3. This is cool. It is like being creative and fashionable while doing it for a good cause. Totally awesome!

  4. Beautiful piece of art with such a great mission behind it. Wish them all the best!

  5. Handmade jewelry is usually unique and much more affordable then fine jewelry. That is a very pretty bracelet!