Friday, February 28, 2014

Open Minded Photography

I am not your run of the mill photographer. 

First off: I'm known best for animal photography. 
Yup. I'm that "Sloth Photographer". 
I have worked with dogs, cats, sloths, hedgehogs, birds, turtles...

I'm not picky. 

I highly recommend not being picky. 


Because it puts you in the perfect position to get to work with subjects you might never have considered otherwise. Working with new and varied subjects gives you a chance to hone your craft and try new techniques and editing options. 

Lately, I've been lucky enough to work with some very talented costumers. 
In their world, they're known as Cosplayers. 

These were all shot last Saturday up at the Utah State Capitol building.
Each costume was made by the model wearing it. 
This was the first session in a two part Final Fantasy 9 shoot. 

These two were part of a Fruits Basket shoot that I wasn't scheduled to do. 
My youngest daughter was set to model for the shoot and the photographer 
didn't show up. I had just returned home from my sloth tour of Costa Rica and 
I happened to have my Nikon with me. 
I got to save the shoot by saying YES to opportunity. 

If you've been following me for any length of time, you already know I'm a geek. 
I set up my own Persona 4 shoot just so I could enjoy taking photos of characters I love. 
It was great and it gave me a chance to try some new editing techniques and lighting design.

Katie is well-known in the cosplay community. I was very happy to help her 
round out her cosplay portfolio with some photos for her parents. 

Learn to say "YES" to opportunity! 

You may find that it will take you exactly where you want to be. 
Last year, I was honored to be asked to shoot the engagement photos for two of my very best friends in the entire world. Because I have been working hard to hone my skills and improve, I was able to provide them with the kind of art I could be proud of. 

My friends were married on February 1, 2014 in California. 
While some issues evolved from both of my cars breaking down and I was unable 
to attend the ceremony in person, I am so happy that I was able to contribute 
to their wedding invitations with this photo shoot. 

I love my job 
and I wouldn't be half as good 
at it if I didn't say "YES!" 
when opportunities to improve 
present themselves.

I love this: 

Every image in this post was created entirely by me between 2011 - 2014. 
All rights reserved. Have a question about photography? Hop on down to the comments section and let me know! I'll do my best to answer as quickly as I can. I'm still learning, but I'm happy to share my experience with those who are interested. Thanks! 


  1. These are great photos! I love seeing photos like this and I envy you that you can do all this! Your pictures look fun!

  2. You are an incredible photographer!! LOVE this!!

  3. I love these. You must be a fun photographer. I love how you captured her image in the reflection on the shiny stone.

  4. I totally love working with you. Your skill in photography is stunning and your so enjoyable to work with to.

  5. Always a pleasure to work with you! I'm so floored by what you can do with lighting, angles, and posing, no matter what your subject is! Interesting read and a cool perspective!

  6. Never heard of cosplay. Very interesting!

  7. Your animal photos are really good! Totally adorable!