Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life and Death: Revisiting Asiri

Faithful readers may remember that I took the time 2 days before I delivered my son to write a blog post about the efforts being made to finish the maternity clinic in Asiri (a village in Ghana). I said that I would keep you all informed as the campaign moved along.

The campaign has been moving along, 
but it has stalled and Asiri needs your help!

In my last post regarding Asiri, I quoted my friend Jasmine Staff. Jasmine is in Asiri and sees the need for this maternity clinic firsthand every day. My words cannot bring the light that this campaign needs; not the way hers can. So forgive me, but the bulk of this post will be her words. 

"Two days ago there was a funeral in the village for a 22 year old Asiri girl who died from a botched abortion. The same day I helped deliver a healthy baby girl - Ama - in the dark on the floor of the TBA's home.

Both of these situations can be prevented or changed for the better. The girl could have employed family planning methods, thus preventing pregnancy and her death. The baby could have been born in a clean, well-lit, stocked clinic under the supervision of a doctor and trained midwife. This is the reality that Asiri's maternity clinic will create once it's built." 

I cannot ignore this. My plan had been to avoid writing and publishing this post until we were down to 4 or 5 days remaining - believing that the urgency at that point would help convince people to make their pledge to the campaign immediately. After all, how many times do we see a Kickstarter or Indigogo campaign and tell ourselves, "I'll do it later. It's still got 20 days.", right? But I can't do that. People are dying. 

Please visit the campaign and pledge what you can. There is just one week left and they still need almost $9000 in pledges. Think ahead: What about that friend or loved one who is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for? They're going to have a birthday at some point over the next 12 months. What about Christmas or any other gift giving occasion? Plan ahead and buy a killer gift from this campaign. Write a note about how this gift made a big difference in the lives of others and include it when you give the gift. It'll mean so much to the person receiving it. Charity is definitely the best gift for the person who already has everything. 


  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing by creating awareness to this campaign. I will look around and see what gifts I can "give" to family.

  2. Thanks for creating an awareness and giving us the opportunity to be a blessing to our people.

  3. Thank you for creating awareness about this campaign and allowing us to Pay It Forward

  4. Stories like what's going on in Asiri are so heartbreaking to hear. Thanks so much for lending your voice to help this important and so very worthy effort. We MUST support maternal health!

  5. Absolutely! Thank you all for commenting and sharing this post and the campaign. I would love to see more bloggers take up the call and write posts about this campaign. I know Jasmine & her peers would appreciate the help, too.