Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Over the course of the past two years, our little family has changed courses drastically.

- My husband changed jobs (twice)
- Our eldest turned 10 and had her choice of vacation anywhere in the world (New Zealand)  
- Our youngest daughter chose & started planning her 10 Year Trip
- I changed careers and completed a successful Kickstarter campaign (which sent me to Costa Rica to study & photograph sloths)
- We struggled with infertility
- We're now very happily expecting our 3rd child

Things are changing around here. It's been difficult to keep track of how everything is developing and we (read: I) often forget who we've updated with the latest and greatest regarding our many adventures.

Hopefully this blog will help our friends and family feel a little less left out of our lives. If it provides entertainment or education for others, bonus! You can expect posts on a variety of subjects bouncing around from fertility & high risk pregnancy to photography to how to cope with picky pre-teen appetites (a current challenge in our home). We're far from experts on anything, but we're learning and we're happy to share what we learn.


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